Brand refresh

Marquis Studios is a unique program that brings the vibrancy of New York City’s artist community into New York City’s public schools – offering essential educational opportunities that not only expose students to the arts but also provide them with socio-emotional support. The new typographic mark is bold and celebrates the beauty in something hand-made; it serves as a window in which to feature the work of the students. The logo is paired with cut paper shapes, a new vibrant palette, and focus on a more fluid layout system. The organic illustration style exemplifies the organization’s dedication to inclusivity. 

Typography and Color



"We believe everyone deserves the chance to engage with the arts, and we are committed to making our programs accessible to every student, regardless of ability."

-Marquis Studios

Website Redesign

The site design process began with a content restructuring, with a shift that put a greater spotlight on Marquis Studios’ impact and approach. The site incorporates student work, illustration, and brand elements to create a visual style that feels collaborative, artistic, and student-focused, without leaning too strongly on just a single area of the arts. The site was rebuilt on a new platform, Webflow, to allow the internal team at Marquis Studio greater editing freedom.