OrangeYouGlad’s Dastardly Deck for Deals with the Devil – Behind the scenes

Posted on November 2, 2010 by tammy

We drove up to Rhode Island this past monday for a press check at Little Rhody Press. A lot of the leg work had already been done on this year’s halloween promo but we were able to check out the die cut of the box and cards and finally meet our printing partner with the mostest – Andy Vanable. Andy is the third generation Vanable at these presses and it was amazing to see him and his dad side by side on the old Heidelbergs. Our cards required 2 rounds of offset printing, blind letter pressing, foil stamping and two die cuts. Then a lot of folding, gluing and colating (that is where we were able to lend a hand).¬†Below are some photos of our trip including a little stop in Mystic. ¬†Card and box design and illustration by our very own Veronica.

Kitchen Little

The Die

Pre Die Cut

Blind Lettepress plate

135 year old microwave

Mr. Vanable (Sr.) at the Heidelberg

Used gold foil

2 Generations of Vanables on the job

1am assembly followed by a 5 hour drive home

You know who to call for really awesome printing….