Citi Salutes: Realizing Your Dream

OrangeYouGlad worked with Citi’s Community Development group on the design of a new brand that was  supportive and empowering for veterans following their dreams of business ownership. The Realizing Your Dream contest awarded start-up grants and mentor ship to new, veteran owned businesses.  The brand is an exciting expansion of Citi’s commitment to American service members.

Crucial to the visual identity was keeping within Citi’s brand guidelines while offering a unique approach that would speak directly to veterans. OrangeYouGlad merged both military and business iconography to create an energetic, consumer friendly, brand that would engage veterans. We applied the look and feel to a micro-site and event launch materials (notebook, banner, bookmark, PowerPoint)

Citi Salutes - Realizing your Dream is national business competition for veterans and military spouses.

Citi Leadership Program for Opportunity Finance

OrangeYouGlad developed the logo , visual identity and launch marketing materials for Citi’s Leadership Program for Opportunity Finance. The program is an industry-wide talent development program designed to help new leaders, capitalize on the experience of current leaders, and build a leadership that reflects the diverse communities that CDFIs serve.