Today at Yesterday’s News

Posted on February 17, 2011 by admin

Remember when I said I would post stuff from Yesterday’s News here every week? I lied to you. Through my teeth.

Anyway, I do love this store and my obsession with it is coinciding nicely with my addiction to Mad Men. Mid-century furniture, YES! These are the things I loved today (none of which are mid-century furniture):

1. Thermos. It weighed like 50 pounds and it is probably made out of lead. Perfect for the kids! $6

2. Groovy mugs. I love any kind of mugs or glasses. If you ever want to just spend money on me for no apparent reason, these are a guaranteed hit.

3. The New Baby! I love Little Golden Books 4 realz. I was almost going to get this and then I remembered I’m going to have a REAL new baby in like 7 weeks.

4. Letters. They are just plastic letters, but they are rad and you can pretend you are a P.I. in the 40’s and stick them to your door but really you are just playing W.O.W. in private. 2 for $1.

428 Court St (between 2nd Pl & 3rd Pl) if you want to visit, though call first. They are closed Mondays, rainy days, gloomy days and also whenever they feel like it – BUT it’s getting nice out so they will be open all the time! Yes!