The SVA Internship Fair

Posted on March 19, 2012 by admin

Yes, it’s true. OYG went back to school this past Thursday and met many, many lovely students eager to find internships for the summer. If you stopped by our table, you may have entered the “Tell Us What You’re Glad For” contest. We received a handful of entries, but there was only one winner. Sorry. It’s a good one, though, we promise. Come back soon for our blog post featuring ______  _________. You thought I was going to tell you? Come. On.

Below is a summary of our strategy for sifting through the crowd and making as many friends as possible:

We’re happy to report that it did indeed work. If you find yourself at a large, awkward party at any point in the future, wear DayGlo and bring a bag of gummy bears for sharing. You will make friends immediately.

Thanks to SVA for having us and everyone who stopped by to say “hello.” It was preeettty fun. See you next time!