Why OrangeYouGlad is the Freshest Creative Agency in Brooklyn.

Posted on January 29, 2018 by tammy

This post may fall under the “toot your own horn” category, but we think this Guardian article An expert’s guide to choosing a creative agency by Stephen Judge – is a stellar opportunity for an introduction to OrangeYouGlad. We love that you are doing your homework and are looking for the right fit, so we’re going to do a 10-minute speed date with this article in a Q and A sort of format and tell you why we are not only the best little creative agency.


[The Guardian]
“1.The Pre-Pitch Process.
…ask your network for recommendations and research each lead carefully. While you may wish to use a local agency, modern technology means you can work with agencies from anywhere in country, or even the world, so don’t let geography limit your choices.”

orangeyouglad says

Agree! We work with both local New York area clients but also national and international organizations. The article recommends you connect with your network and see who’s good and start making a list.

Here’s what Zach said about working with OrangeYouGlad:

“Had the opportunity to work with OYG last year on a major client project/transition. They were awesome to work with, creative, kind, hard working, and their final designs were beautiful, spoke to our audience and performed phenomenally. Thank you OYG.”

We also thought we’d mention our own favorite networks we belong to here (incase you are in cahoots and want to double check with these folks). We are proud members of the Ellevate Network (let’s do this thing ladies!), a Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business program scholar, and a certified WBE with New York City. Go Mets!


wonder website


[The Guardian]
“Looking at previous work and case studies. 
Have they worked on projects of a similar size and scale in your sector? Is there any mention of return on investment? Perhaps an agency’s previous output looks great, but does it work?”

orangeyouglad says

We have no interest in duplicating work. Instead we do something new each and every time. We are the breath of fresh air that brings new life and new solutions within a given industry. This is one of our main selling points—and our work delivers. The result? Increased brand awareness, increased traffic, a strong and distinct visual language that can become the backbone of all all communication going forward. It’s good stuff. Really. Check out our portfolio section here – including work we’ve done for The Priceline Group, Wonder, The Motherhood Center of New York, Nielsen Social  and Toca Boca.


[The Guardian]
“Looking at the agency’s resources and financial background. 
While smaller agencies may serve you well, if you need full-service support then be sure they have the skills and resources to deliver all work competently and effectively.”

orangeyouglad says

Rest assured, we can do the big job. We are a team of 5 core designers and 3 development partners (we match the right dev for the right job). We can easily expand our team to meet the project size and we don’t take on anything we can’t finish. We consider ourselves “the little creative agency that could” because we often do the jobs of a large behemoth agency but by cutting out the layers and layers of account managers, you get the benefit of dealing directly with the team that gets it done. This is why big companies trust us. Here is the secret: we found designers like to keep tabs on their projects, so encourage them to. As core competencies we provide strategic branding and visual design, website design, social media management and print design.


[The Guardian]
2. Developing Relationships. 
Before you ask an agency to pitch, it is useful to hold a “chemistry meeting”.”

orangeyouglad says

Yes. Oh yes…. please invite us to a chemistry meeting! We’ll bring the Bunsen Burner and the ice cream.


[The Guardian]
“3. The Pitch. 
The standout agency will be the one that has done research into what it is you need and how you are likely to get there, and also one you feel the most comfortable about working with.”

orangeyouglad says

We hope after the ice cream and a thoughtful and well-researched pitch presentation (which we often call a statement of work or proposal) you will see how dedicated we are to crushing it creatively for your business.

We’ve been in business for 16 years (sweet 16!) and have developed some of the most rewarding long-term relationships with our clients. We’ve grown as they have, evolved as they have and continue to keep their branding and marketing ahead of the curve. We’d love to add your company to our list of “business BFFs” and build something beautiful together.

Email us if you’d like to connect and see if we have any chemistry! (and by chemistry we mean creativity + ice cream + collaboration ). hello@orangeyouglad.com