Tammy’s Misorder at Caputo’s

Posted on December 12, 2013 by matt

Tammy AKA DA BOSS AKA DJ REGGAEBABYTOONZ was really nice and went to buy me a sandwich from our favorite sandwich shop, Caputo’s. She and I really like this one sandwich that has bruschetta, mozzarella, asparagas and balsamic vinegar on the amazing bread. Mmmmmmm. Tammy came back and mentioned that she accidentally ordered the “large” instead of medium sized ciabatta. I didn’t know they had large ciabattas…

Well, they don’t. I mean they do but this “large” sandwich was 22 dollars and the size of a baby. It’s impossible to express just how big it was, how big it felt. Here is a full sized bag of chips to compare it to.

HUGE! That’s not your 50 cent bag of bodega chips here, we’re talking big mama 3+ dollar size chips. This was a sandwich to feed an army. This was a sandwich to feed the your tired, your poor, your hungry masses yearning to eat.┬áIt’s a sandwich full of hope and wonder.

This was a sandwich that was actually the size of three full sandwiches. 22 bucks split three ways isn’t actually that bad! We saved some money!

Understand though that these thoughts of savings all came later. In that moment of unveiling, we were in complete shock!

We could not and probably can not still to some degree, handle this sandwich.

Look! It even had these things that I have never seen before!

Italian Sweety Drop Peppers. Whaaaat? Did you know these things are real?

After the shock dissipated and the calm came but was quickly smothered by raging hunger, we dove into the sandwich, mouth first.