Every year we choose a different charity to raise money for.

Our first year we drew for the Food Bank of NYC. As such, we asked  donors to tell us what their favorite foods were so we could draw them. On the day of the draw-a-thon, OrangeYouGlad artists and a host of artist friends, got cracking and illustrated every food imaginable.

For our second year, our charity was BARC – Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition. Needless to say, donors requested animals of all types.

For our 3rd annual Will Draw, we worked with SmileTrain to raise funds to help children with cleft lips and palates. We asked our donors to tell us what made them smile. For the first time, Will Draw took place on both coasts; artists in Brooklyn, NY and in Portland, OR donated their time and talent to this cause.


In 2015, we raised over
$12,000 for SmileTrain!

The Drawing Randomizer

In 2015, we introduced The Drawing Randomizer AKA The DR. This web-based drawing checkout system made our process of divvying drawing requests for artists SO MUCH easier. We designed a simple layout to access the entire list of drawing requests and any notes provided by the donor, as well as who checked out what. Our developers did a great job with this one , donating their skills (thanks Codephonic)! It sure beats pulling scrap papers out of a hat.