Valley Leadership has been serving the Phoenix Arizona community for 70 years. We wanted to honor their history while showing a clear pivot in their mission. We’ve refreshed the logo with a bolder, more modern typeface, made small adjustments to the monogram for legibility and added a forward arrow element to capture their new momementum. A significant change was the addition of “action” colors to their corporate identity and a color-coded system for each of their primary programs. Rarely will all colors be present together but individually they become the pop of color/compliment to VL’s standard palette.

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Valley Leadership: Impact Maker

VL’s “Principals of Doing” are the philosophical background that drives change through their new Impact Maker project. The VL’s Impact Maker harnesses the leadership skills developed through VL’s training programs and provides a guided outlet for implementation to partners and alumni. OrangeYouGlad worked with VL to create a brand extension for Impact Maker, including a core color palette, custom icons and finally a responsive website.


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