The 2016 Corporate Responsibility Report includes clear statements of their values,  metrics of their successes across multiple GRI categories and case studies on how they focused efforts to create winning solutions, a winning workplace and winning communities.  OYG combined playful case study infographics with a clear and concise layout to communicate Pentair’s values.

The 61 page report was delivered primarily as a PDF (electronic delivery) and works as a single page layout. Consideration was made in the design that would allow the document to be printed as spreads and still hold it’s overall look and feel. Key components of the report were specific sustainability focused case studies and the the GRI index, which is the back-bone of all corporate responsibility reports. It was essential for us to present how Pentair’s dedication to their mission flows all the way down through their internal operations.  “At Pentair, we envision a future with safe water, abundant energy, and affordable food that protects the health and vitality of our planet and its people.”