Penguin 75 Website and iOS App

The Penguin 75 Anniversary site was as hub for all the activities celebrating the anniversary: a road tour that took a Penguin logo-wrapped car across the US, a book countdown, and an interactive timeline. The site integrated content from a variety of systems and was also bundled into an iOS app. An impressive site, for sure. But don’t take our word for it: it was a CommArts pick of the day.

'The Bird' Logo

One of the many fun corporate projects that we worked on for Penguin was a new logo for their internal employee communications magazine/website. Titled  “The Bird,” it had to play nicely with the parent brand while giving a distinct identity to this critical communications piece.

From The Publisher's Office

Penguin launched a content initiative called “From The Publisher’s Office” that featured exclusive videos, podcasts, and other content from some of their most popular authors.  This unique behind-the-scenes content program demanded its own brand, which would be applied to the website and individual content elements. OrangeYouGlad designed a logo, a series of art-deco inspired icons, and created the branded headers for application on their site.

Penguin Classics 65th Anniversary Portal Concept Development

One of the most beloved line of books—Penguin Classics—was coming up on its 65th anniversary. OrangeYouGlad was asked to develop concepts for a site that would highlight not only the classic texts but also all of the countries with Penguin Classics imprints.