We were tasked with the challenge of updating outdated user assumptions in their mobile app, while implementing the newly redefined visual language. For this we partnered with researchers at MyFitnessPal to better understand flaws in the user journey, as well as user feedback. This resulted in the creation of a new user experience in which we created a customized dashboard to help users reach their desired health goals, with ease, accuracy, and style. We also helped them ideate, create, and develop new user features and update the majority of their app through our creation of the Cumulus Design System, but you’ll have to stay tuned for more.



We had the challenge of taking an incredibly information-dense app and making it feel warm, approachable and easy to interact with. The result of this was a color-saturated branding language for MyFitnessPal. We really enjoyed bringing together fun pattern textures, bold colors and clean shapes  into the marketing layouts and illustrations. We paired these with simple and focused moments of white and neutrals to give them more impact.


The color palette with inspired by the rich variety of foods in the MyFitnessPal’s vast database.
All of the elements come together in a very energized way that we found easy to pair with photography.