Uniting America around Home as the the bedrock for a stronger nation called for bold and uplifting visuals to compliment the powerful and emotional mission. A dynamic logotype, a vibrant color palette an interactive and engaging website, and ongoing design support of outreach campaigns were the result.

OrangeYouGlad worked with letterer Ian Brignell to finesse the hand-drawn lettering concept and create the custom logotype that reflects the personality and individuality of Home while evoking a sense of immediacy.

OrangeYouGlad also designed a social-media-integrated, WordPress-managed, responsive website. The site pulls in Home-related stories from Twitter and Instagram to create an opportunity for exploration and emphasize the ubiquity of the meaning of Home in America.

OYG designed a series of complimentary print materials (notebooks, buttons, and calling cards) along with banners and way-finding signage for  Home Matter’s launch on Capitol Hill March 12, 2013.

The Game

In 2014, Home Matters received a 3-year grant from the prestigious MacArthur Foundation to help change public perception about home and its crucial impact on health, education, public safety, personal success and the economy. Home Matters asked us to design and develop a conversation starting educational mini-site focused on “How Housing Matters.”
The goal of the How Housing Matters mini-site was to create an experience that helped users emotionally connect with the issue while creating a “shareable” experience that users helped to promote through social media channels. The site also directed users to “dig deeper” into the facts with links that connect back to the MacArthur Foundation reports and the Urban Land Institute’s site.