A family of sub brands

In developing the brand language for their new family of workout apps, our goal was to develop a system that, first and foremost, stays true to and builds upon Daily Burn’s core identity.

Daily Burn has amassed a loyal following for their fun, high-energy workouts led by personable trainers. Like its competitors in the fitness space, the brand is motivational. What sets Daily Burn apart is that it is approachable and focuses on attainable results. Daily Burn is for everybody.  

iPhone Apps

OrangeYouGlad worked closely with the Daily Burn’s in-house team to design all aspects of the iOS app’s interface.


The Daily Burn apps provide simple and easy to follow plans for users based on their goals.
Daily Burn produced an amazing program and series of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) videos specifically for the app.
Daily Burn's Running app introduced a new dimension to the UX/UI experience with audio workouts.


We conceptualized and produced over 100 videos to promote their apps throughout different social media platforms.

Shout out to video editors Brea Kerzee and Tim Hutchings.



As the branding and design of the apps were taking shape, Daily Burn began integrating elements  into their core branding. OrangeYouGlad had the opportunity to work on a site refresh as well as landing page for their core product. 



We also had fun working on this animated sticker set for Daily Burn’s social media. The stickers are hosted on GIPHY and can be added to Instagram and Snapchat stories. With over 1 million views for each, these stickers have been a huge hit!