As a premier Herman Miller dealer Bialek Environments provides beautifully designed furniture and business solutions that have a significant historical design context. They also provide custom space solutions with the innovative Intellistruct product. We had to do justice to both of these business with a dynamic site that married form and function and inspired clients along the way — while showing the services and more complicated processes that create their new space. 




The overall interactivity of the site is created with a combination of custom javascript and HTML 5 coding, giving both the mobile and desktop user a fluid experience. Special attention was paid to the Intellistruct product demo to fully explain the various elements that are possible with that line. Within the case studies, custom Thinglink enabled galleries are utilized to provide easy editing and image tagging for the client. Development by our sister company Codephonic.



“We are able to use the site to show our design sensibilities, so it is a tool for all of our clients to understand who we are and how we think.”
-Andrew West, Bialek