pinning on Pinterest perchance?

Posted on September 19, 2012 by tammy

Seriously I love Pinterest.

I’m not the most active pinner, but of all the social media tools, Pinterest is the one that most successfully prompts me to action: from kid’s crafts to recipes to hair dos to wardrobe purchasing. I’m not just collecting, I’m doing.

Perhaps it’s because for the most part pins serve as a vote for a product, idea, concept, or service from another member of the community and not from the source itself (in theory…). I like that by pinning I’m able to say “I dig your stuff” to the original creator while passing the good word along to my friends.

I’m sure we’ll start to see more and more sponsored pins, or clearly promotional pins. But for the time being I enjoy the unsolicited endorsement vibe of the folks I’ve chosen to follow.

For work it’s replaced Google image search as my go-to inspiration. I find that pinned images are better taken – Pinterest serves as a lesson in the power of engaging photography – and better cataloged. And if I’ve found one object of interest, like “Art Deco Posters,” I’ll likely find more

Additionally, there are some wonderfully addicted pinners out there whose curated boards I visit frequently: (Andrew Kolb – Illustration, Seamless Creative – Design, Joy Cho – Lovely things enthusiast). But more on them in the next post…

For today’s Pinterest Love post, I thought I’d share a pinboard from each of the folks here at OYG.


Deanna: Infinite Money Wardrobe

Buying gifts for Deanna has never been easier – especially if you know where to find this pinboard AND you’ve recently knocked over a bank.  Her last 10 pins or so are showing clear preference for black+tans this fall.



Matt: Man Duds

We’d all like to see Matt wearing this bowtie and a yellow poncho. Infact he just has to so his yellow boots (pinned and purchased!) don’t get lonely.


Veronica: Imaginary House

“Where is the imaginary house?” One might ask.

“Its a Loftsion* on the Queens Francuador Riviera**” Veronica might answer. “To get there you catch the take the train from the 9 3/4 platform. IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN ZOMG.”

* Loft + Mansion

** Queens New York + France + Ecuador + Riviera-esq

Tammy: Food that looks like other stuff

So far I’ve made the the Watermelon Hedgehog, the Watermelon Icecream cake and The Santa Brownies. I’m currently looking for an excuse to make the spagetti hotdogs. Nobody has invited me and these hotdogs over to a party… yet.


And last but not least Mary, who has a pretty wicked tumblr, but no Pinterest account. Let’s post a pinboard just for her. Pictured below is the Spooky board by Mike Kostyo