One of my top 5 favorite movies: Tampopo

Posted on February 21, 2012 by tammy

I was reading a wonderful post over at Tofugu about one of my all time favorite movies: Tampopo. Even though the have a far more thoughtful and thorough review over at Tofugu I wanted to double up the efforts and be sure to get the word out.

Tampopo is about a woman who owns a failing noodle shop. A wise truck driver takes her under his wing to help get the shop back on it’s feet. They consult with a variety of specialists, go on covert noodle-espionage missions and do some intense noodle-prep training in the hopes of turning her situation around.

Between the key scenes of the main plot are small vignettes relating to food, the emotions they inspire, and how food and life are one in the same. These shorts are exceptional and complete the movie’s love affair with food.

The movie is a perfect formula Tammy movie:
Funny + sweet but not sappy + includes a clint eastwood style western hero + includes both a person AND an interior make over + has a training montage + IS ABOUT FOOD + touching without making me cry hysterically


One of my favorite Vignettes: The spaghetti scene