OMG Adventuuuures!!!

Posted on November 22, 2011 by admin

First of all let me say that next May I will have been part of the OYG team for 5 years. Yesss! Also, our office is located right down the block from this bread/pastry/muffin factory called Kabir’s. So basically, it’s been years of deliciously torturous bread smells everyday with nothing to show for it. UNTIL TODAY!

We were on our way to go geocaching (because we are awesome), when Tammy strolls into the factory like she owns it. I couldn’t believe it, but it happened! I guess people can go in there and just buy bread?

“You want 4 cases?”
“No we want 4 pieces.”
“…Just take this whole case.”

The guys thought we were weirdos I guess, but what they didn’t know was that my brain was melting.


Next we went geocaching, which we starting doing this week because it makes us feel like Indiana Jones\Encyclopedia Brown.

We are cool.

Honestly, I can’t remember everything that happened because I was still in a bread daze.