Mary Monday, um, I mean Wednesday

Posted on June 8, 2011 by admin

Okay, I still haven’t come up with something to do with my Wednesday posts, and mostly because I’m lazy I’ve decided to repeat my Mary Monday posts from my personal blogs. Here goes…

It took me ages to actually learn to like my name. All the other girls had fun names like Kimberly and Heather. I felt trapped in plain old Mary. When I started school, I was called Maryann on the roll call (and that was okay because I liked Maryann on Gilligan’s Island and I had no middle name which seemed kind of unique to me) but when my mom gave me my birth certificate I found out that I indeed had a middle name and it was Ann. So I was back to plain old Mary. As I grew older and became more educated, I learned to like my name. Yes it is simple and plain but it carries so much meaning and history. And it is used in so many songs! I thought I’d start posting a Mary song each Monday, accompanied by a famous Mary.

To start things off here’s Sonic Youth with Mary-Christ.

And your famous Mary of the day, Mary Surratt:

Mary Surratt

She was the first woman executed by the US federal government for her role in the Lincoln assassination. You can visit her tavern and house in my home town. Looks like Robert Redford recently made a movie about her.