Lets spend .44 cents on each other

Posted on April 13, 2011 by tammy

It’s nice that we can all keep in touch with each other via twitter and facebook via a quick “hello” an “informal a how are you doing?” or a “look at the awesome shit we’ve been up to” message… These methods of communication are great for making the most focused use of your activity online, creating networks, connecting people and ideas, boring friends and family with 1 too many photos of your  kid,  or just distracting us from what we really should be doing all day…

But what about something deeper, more tactile? Something delivered right to your door? Unexpected? Unwrappable? Littered with typos and poor illustrations?

Hello future, meet written correspondence!
We are now accepting written correspondence, and will respond to any that we receive. You are worth .44 cents to us. You really are!

Write to us:
OrangeYouGlad / 423 Smith Street Brooklyn NY 11231

Please be warned:
1. Some of us can’t spell (especially without spell check)
2. We are no good at making small talk – so lets get right to it
3. We have a roll of stickers and We are not afraid to use them
4. We are not going to spend more than 5 minutes composing a response but that is 5 minutes that are all about YOU.

A sampling of what you may receive…

p.s: I also dearly admire the blog “letters of note” and can’t imagine what the world will be like without these real, tactile, communications. They are up for a webby btw. You should go and vote for them and then send us a note about it. 🙂