Posted on May 19, 2011 by tammy

Well, I went ahead and joined weight watchers… again. Perhaps this falls under the TMI category (remind me to add that category) but the time has come to shed some pounds. I’m two days in and doing ok. I can still have my coffee and my giant and delicious fakey ice cream cones. Things will be ok.

I just discovered (where have I been?) that¬†Marimekko has a line of dresses and they are the bees knees. I am going to treat myself to this lovely dress when I get down to my target size. Then I am going to wear it all week long on my beach vacation in August whilst looking both adorable and hopefully also tan but not burnt. Don’t try to stop me!

Uuna Dress
the loveliest dress on the planet.

If I really do a good job I am going to buy two dresses.
Maybe you can help me decide which one.

1.  Kiuru

2. Pirke

Ok, if i got this dress I’d officially be dressing exactly like my 3 year old daughter.
Plus, this looks super short.