Does anyone trust Yummy Rummy?

Posted on February 1, 2013 by matt

I order lunch a lot. I fully admit that I spend all my money and create waste via paper/plastic packaging/plasticware every single day by ordering my lunch from the neighborhood businesses. They’re just so good! Scouts honor I’ll start making my lunch from home next week…

Delivery, if you ignore them will sometimes give you 5 bucks as incentive to use them. Seamless doesn’t give you any deals, so screw those guys! Grub Hub, now these people give you the Yummy Rummy with every third order. A free drink or 10 bucks off your next order can actually happen by selecting the right confection. Even a chance to win free food for a year! I by no means believe I’ll win that but…. maybeeeeee!

A few times the food-tube super lunch chef Deanna, joins in on an order. She is however, quite skeptical of how Yummy Rummy works. She points out that there is nothing stopping them from cheating you out of a win. Grub Hub could say “Wrong!” and reveal to you that the fortune cookie was actually the free drink and not your googly-eyed mint friend. She speculates that regardless of any card you select, Grub Hub could say “Wrong!” I don’t like this. It’s the elevator close door button that doesn’t actually do anything. It’s the diet soda that isn’t actually good for anyone on a diet.
Lies! All of them!

I don’t like this one bit. I don’t like it and so I choose to believe in the good nature and hearts of mankind, no matter how naïve. I’ll keep drinking stupid sodas and pushing whatever buttons I choose! And everyday, around 12:01, I will select a new dessert friend to join me in a coupon victory!!