Do You Love Books, Yet Accrue Hundreds of Dollars in Library Fines?

Posted on December 22, 2010 by admin

Me, too! There’s a solution, though, book-lovers. Watch as the Internet solves another one of life’s greatest annoyances! Imagine being able to trade books, movies, albums, video games over the internet for free* with strangers who have similarly awesome taste in media.

Well, it exists., formerly, has taken mom’s book clubs and luncheons and put them online, connecting you with peers that have the media you want. It’s fairly simple. Create an account, post the items you’re willing to trade to your account (easy as typing in an ISBN), make a list of the books, CDs, etc. you want to receive and let the algorithms do the rest for you. You’ll be notified via email when a match is found.

You know what else I hate? Going to the post office. One would think that’s an integral part of using this type of service, but nay, friends. You can pay for your postage and print it out through the site! *This is where the asterisk from the first paragraph is explained. The swapping is free, however you do pay the shipping costs of whatever you mail out (so, no giant hardcover Phaidon books, people, unless you’re getting something equally sweet in return).

Are you amazed? No? Okay, here’s my hard sell…after a year of using’s services, my NYPL late fees have amounted to (drum roll)…two dollars and fifty cents! Incredible.