Christoph Niemann ‘s charts!

Posted on April 15, 2011 by matt

thanks to ssahn for the photo above. This is from a series of people covering one eye. Why??? Please tell me.

We went to see Christoph Niemann today at Creative Morning‘s in DUMBO today! He was wonderful! Very endearing and clever. He had several humorous charts for us to follow along with as he explained his creative process. I didn’t transcribe most of them but the gist is that this man has a lot of anxiety. His way of handling it is by going straight towards the problem and attacking it! The more you confront problems, the better equipped you’ll be when faced with future problems.

To reiterate: these are my crude versions. His were way better.

Pie chart of the work day

This is my drawing based on a photo he took of a neon yoga sign. With this in mind he declares…

Although it’s not a universal method of working (quite opposite of Ji Lee), it clearly works well for him. He throws himself into his work and passionately searches for a solution. He draws himself biting his table with frustration but still he is a very chipper and witty man. If you have the chance to see him speak, GO!