13 JFKrazy

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JFKrazy welcomes you to the Big Apple, albeit with with hair-pulling frustration. Thought it was inclement weather delaying your flight or making you late? TSA tomfoolery? A computer glitch? Nope– it’s a giant hidden monster blobbing below the clouds. OYG has unearthed some monsters who hail from Yuck City! Join us as we count downRead moreRead more

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Yuck City??

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Two much needed and appreciated additions to the MYG team

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MYG boyfriend

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I am alone today. No intern Aimee. Do you know what this means????? 8 solid work hours of KPOP blasting through the studio. I love MYG. A very secretive part of my life that is tucked very deep and far away from my loved ones is my passionate love for kpop. Years before Psy cameRead moreRead more

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Hello readers. If you’ve been religiously following the MattYouGlad blog, then you might might be saying to yourself “Who is that lady hanging out with Matt The-Coolest-Kid Schoch?” No one really knows. UNTIL NOW! The excellent designer, illustrator and dancer seen in several animated gifs is the one and only Aimee Pong! She is reallyRead moreRead more

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Our new Senior Graphic Designer, Constance Leonard is a lovely addition to the MattYouGlad team! In fact, she has already established herself in the Our Team section! She’s great! She lives in Greenpoint, swears like a drunken sailor at clients and is currently in the process to take the throne from Queen Elizabeth II. Only twoRead moreRead more

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Guess what everybody?!? Tammy Duncan, partner in crime here at OYG, just had a baby!! Congrats Momma Tammy, Papa Andrew and big sis Sadie!   Side note: This is day one of no one in the office but me and the intern!!!! I am officially changing the company name to MattYouGlad. WHO IS GONNA STOPRead moreRead more

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We have a new 30 day guest!

Posted on July 15, 2013 by

Who is this new wonderful person? Wait! Why that’s no person!! Deanna is dog sitting which is truly a blessing for OrangeYouGlad! We get to see this little floor duster swish and swash her way through our office. She carefully guards us from any unwanted visitors and reminds us humbly, to pet her only when it happensRead moreRead more

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Will Draw for Animals!

Posted on June 13, 2013 by

We’re at it again this year but this time our draw-a-thon will be to support animals! Will Draw for Animals plans to donate the money we raise to B.A.R.C., a local no-kill shelter. You can donate now! Also check out our tumblr! We hope to hear everyone’s favorite animal because we all can’t wait to start drawing!

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