OrangeYouGlad is a small graphic design studio located in Brooklyn NY. The company was founded in 2002 by Mary DeMichele, Monica Hsu and Tammy Duncan. Our goal was to create the kind of company we always wanted to work for, doing compelling projects we could be proud of, and partnering with lovely clients who we enjoy collaborating with. And all with a good work/life balance.



Our dream project* is to be able to work with our clients on their brand identity and provide all the goodies that go along with it including business cards, websites, in-store packaging, event posters, t-shirts, acceptance speeches, and more. Our second favorite thing is ice cream**. Our third favorite thing is to continue to work with the brands we’ve created (or nurtured)—growing with them as their business grows. *If you already have a much loved brand, no worries, you can still be our dream project! We’ll adopt your brand as our own. **If you don’t have ice cream for us, that’s okay, too; we’ll still work with you.


We’d love to make your project sparkle. Drop us a note or give us a buzz (718.596-9415). Let’s make something together!

The internet!

Our Team

Tammy Duncan

While commonly known as partner, creative director, designer, project manager and other such titles for OrangeYouGlad, Tammy is perhaps most known for her love of general hijinx and bad puns. She is happy that her two daughters are primed to become her partners in crime. The three of them are likely cooking up some harebrained scheme involving elaborate packaging and a donut cart or something at this very moment.

She also has over 20 years of web and print design experience, has won several awards, has judged several others, and plays the guitar and drums (not very well, but with tons of enthusiasm).


  1. Family
  2. Sweeties
  3. Mid-century illustration
  4. Carroll gardens  
  5. The beach

Matt Schoch

Forty-six years ago Matt Schoch elbowed his way past his twin sister to be the first born! His power is both great and terrible. He has fathered over seven thousand illegitimate kittens. He cries blood tears, though none have lived long enough to tell another soul. He sheds his bulletproof skin every full moon. He once ate an entire living room sofa on a dare. He built the city of Atlantis with his own two hands only to destroy it because he was bored. The movie Independence Day is loosely based on his life story. He paints the stripes on every single zebra when they are born as a goof on us.


  1. Famers Market Cheese
  2. Animals in Sweaters or sweaters of animals
  3. Tammy’s Bad Puns
  4. All The Board Games
  5. Beards!

Kelli Matheny

Kelli is a curious (not so curious) designer. Originally hailing from the great big state of Texas (where truly everything is bigger), she has lived in the quaint little area of Carroll Gardens for a little over a year. She excels in telling really bad jokes, has deep affections for anything small and cute, and loves to spend time with her awesome husband Wade. Consuming a startling amount of gummy bears is one of her favorite pastimes and occasionally she’ll make something really cool.


  1. Wade <3
  2. Gummy bears
  3. Drinking Coffee (and making it for people)
  4. Paul Rand
  5. Children’s books

Jimmy Boom

Being a failed cloning experiment, Jimmy Boom spent many years trapped in Jimmy Neutron’s basement. The box he lived in was comfy, but grey.  The day he escaped, Jimmy promised himself to have a life full of color and cute chachkis. Jumping to the present day, he’s the newest member of the OYG team. Jimmy’s work area is bigger than your average box and he still can’t believe it.  He daydreams about tea parties with donuts and bears.


  1. Stephen :3
  2. His 3ds
  3. Jelly filled donuts
  4. Saturday Morning Naps
  5. Shorts!

Eileen Vidal

Driven by her ambition and thirst for adventure, this rebellious little alien left her home planet in search for something more. She crashed her ship in Carroll Gardens and was kindly taken in by OYG. Since then, she has been able to put her love for doodling and designing to practice, all while enjoying the company of her new friends.


1. Sketching
2. Riding my bike
3. Granola Bars
4. Dogsss
5. Animated Films


We work with these guys allllllll the time. They build our stuff, and we design theirs – it works out nicely. We spend a lot of time together in wordpress. Check ’em out

Constance Leonard

At the age of four, Connie created her first logo by carving her name into the family coffee table. Since then, she’s delved deep into the world of creative design, from interactive storefronts on the streets of SoHo to TV ads filmed with vintage cameras. When she isn’t making things, Connie is probably singing karaoke or having a deviled egg party.


  1. making mixes
  2. star projectors
  3. boats
  4. sneaking onto roofs
  5. pickles

Mary DeMichele

Founding partner of OrangeYouGlad – Some say she is banned from five US states and Rarotonga and that she can stop traffic with a piercing glare. Some say she has retractable claws and that she can make a person fold a winning poker hand by “twitching” her nose. All we know is, she’s called The MAD.


  1. Cemeteries and Halloween
  2. Science fiction
  3. Cute furry animals
  4. Poker
  5. Whiskey, dark chocolate and bacon

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